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Quartz is an artificial stone which is contain 93% quartz and 7% polyester resin and pigment. It is polymerized from the aforementioned materials by a vacuum process, and then formed through the high temperature, high pressure, grinding, polishing, and other processes.

Quartz stone surface is non-porous, its polished surfaces don't need to be sealed like granite or other natural stones, in order to keep them from staining. Quartz stone surfacing is practically indestructible and pretty much maintenance free. It resists stains that are caused by fruit juices, wine, food coloring, fingernail polish and remover, tea and markers. The non-porous and non absorbing nature of quartz stone surfaces is very hygienic; it does not harbor bacteria, which makes it a safe choice for food handling in the kitchen. Cleaning your quartz stone kitchen counter tops is quite easy. It involves using a little soapy water or a mild cleaner.

The Advantages of Quartz Stone :

1. High Hardness, super wear-resistant
HongYe quartz stone’s surface can be at Mohs hardness of 6 degrees, it is higher than the hardness of the common natural marble, artificial stone. Common tools are unable to scratch and abrase. This feature can be well used in the shopping malls, airports, office buildings, stations and other places.

2. Antimicrobial, cleanliness
HongYe quartz stone’s water absorption is near zero. It can prevent the breeding of the bacteria effectively. And cause of the high density, the colored liquid substances such as tea, soy sauce, coffee and so on will not leave any trace on the surface; It can be cleaned as bright as the new only with a piece of clean cloth and soapy water.

3. No radiation, no harm
HongYe quartz stone is the components of the natural quartz stone and resin, not include radioactive material. And the whole production is without the chemical reaction, so there is no radiation, no harm to humans.

4. Acid-resistant perfotmance
HongYe quartz stone has included 93% of the quartz stone, so there is not reaction for acid-based. And be able to better protect the product for a long time.

5. High temperature performance
HongYe quartz stone’ s structure is stable. It is not easy to deform, arch, burst and so on at the high temperature.

6. Processing performance
HongYe quartz stone has a good processing performance. It be can processed and spliced to a variety of shapes to fit the modern requirements of the high-quality life.


Quartz Stone are used across a broad range of applications such as kitchen worktops, raised flooring, Internal cladding, Vanity tops, Bathroom furnishings, Flooring for Public & Private projects for houses, Commercial complex and high traffic areas such as airports, shopping malls, hotels, super market, cinema halls, places of worship etc.


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