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The differences between Crystallized glass Marmoglass and Nanoglass .
1. Materials 

Marmoglass and Nanoglass , though they both comprise quartz sands that take up about 30% of the whole raw materials . Marmoglass consists of soda feldspar, calcium carbonate ..., while Nanoglass consists of Lithium feldspar , silicate , potassium carbonate ...
2. Processing Technology 

It takes twice melt & crystallization to produce Marmoglass from power materials to panels which is like the formation of natural granite.  Crystallized granules formed in the first furnace under high temperature will then be sent to the slab mold in the second kiln to melt and then crystallize under high temperature . For Nanoglass, It takes only one melt & cooling down to panels , which is more like the processing of glass
3. Appearance .

Polished Crystallized glass Marmoglass has small patterns on the surface which you may not realize, while Nanoglass has no details. Though Crystallized glass has more details, it is not as white as Nanoglass. The other difference in appearance is crystallized glass is porous , while Nanoglass is non-porous .
The Advantage of Nanoglass: 

1.  Unique in superior whiteness, brilliant radiance and no chromatism Perfect snow white stone, Over 95   degree super glossy but gentle to the eye.
2.  Zero water absorption, good in acid & alkaline resistance, high temperature ,chemical and stain resistance and can be repolished.
3.  Green environment , no toxin and no radiation, able to be in direct contact with food.
4.  Anti-bending, anti-pressure, anti-impact, perfect for kitchen countertops, dinner table tops.
5.  White color stone is the most popular and classic in the world and never be out , and you will got the prefect decoration by the crystallized glass panel.
6.  Enjoy excellent processing of various edge finishing with automatic bridge cutting machine, hand cutting machine or portable cutting machine to cut and drill holes like natural stone.
Nanoglass Application: 

1.  Interior & external wall cladding 
2.  Flooring Tile, Stair, Column cladding 
3.  Basin, Countertop, Table, Bar 
4.  Bath, Kitchen, any tops, round pillar and furniture decoration etc .
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